Thursday’s goal was to make it from the Dingle Peninsula to Doolin, Co. Clare.

We got up pretty early, but ate breakfast at our B&B before leaving.

I had a few things from the buffet + eggs + bacon.

Jon had Kipper (this is a fish. I had to do a double-take.) + eggs.

First stop on the way out of town? Coffee + a banana & walnut brownie in Dingle.

Tasted like chocolate banana bread.

We had to take a ferry, so we used that time to call and make reservations for stuff to do for the next few days.

Otherwise – we just enjoyed the drive.

We’re staying at a B&B that’s also a cattle farm this time around.

The view is a little different, but we’re loving it. There’s a DONKEY out front. I’ve been afraid to take its picture because it makes a lot of noise when we walk near it – but I’m going for it soon.

We lucked out and arrived on a really clear day – so we headed to the Cliffs of Moher to check it out while the visibility was good.

We stopped for lunch along the way.

Jon had cod + chips + mushy peas.

I had a brie + sundried tomato + pesto panini.

The cliffs? Gorgeous.

Jon tried his best, but I wasn’t breaking the rules/risking my life for a marginally better view. Just didn’t seem worth the risk.

We wound up at McDermott’s Pub for dinner + music after the cliffs. We were a little late, though, (just 30 minutes prior to the music) and didn’t get a decent seat. Lesson learned.

Jon had “bacon & cabbage.”


I had a chicken salad.


We were pretty tired so we didn’t stick around long. I am still very nervous about the driving situation, anyway, and didn’t want to wind up incapable of safely making it back to the B&B.

The combination of the tiny and twisty roads + people and tour buses everywhere in the tiny towns + the stick shift AND driving lane on the opposite side + the near constant chance of rain/slick roads = me clutching the door handles in the best of conditions.