After 8 and a half hours on two planes – and about 7 hours of driving – we’re finally winding down our first day in Ireland.

I slept very little on the plane(s) and even less while Jon drove today – but I’m trying to hold out until at least 10pm local time. I’m surprised I’m not completely delirious.

We’ve had a great time so far despite not having done anything but travel, though.

Our dinner right before boarding in ATL (since we didn’t want to eat the food on the plane):

Breakfast this morning was difficult since we needed to find something after landing – primarily coffee – but had no idea where to do it and had left the airport without thinking ahead and picking something up.

We wound up at a gas station where I picked a chocolate muffin. I can’t remember the last time I ate such a thing for BREAKFAST – but it was good/easy/better than fried gas station food.

We took the scenic route from the Shannon airport to the Dingle Peninsula. We just followed whatever the GPS told us (after setting it to avoid highways) and wound up driving FOREVER.

We had no clue where we were and largely found ourselves on tiny winding roads trying to avoid being killed.

The only thing on the agenda when we finally arrived in Dingle was to eat – so we went to Doyle’s Seafood based on the recommendation given by the B&B woman when we checked in.

We arrived at 5pm – just as they opened – and found that they had a 3-course early bird special situation going on – so we did that and shared/split everything.

Goat’s cheese bruschetta:

Caesar Salad:

Dingle Bay Chowder:

Seafood Risotto:

Seafood Pie:


Vanilla & Orange Panna Cotta w/Berry Compote:

Brownie Sundae:

And, of course:

It was very good. All of it.

Fun night despite not having slept or showered in a long, long, seriously long time.

We’re obviously eating gluten. We’ll see how it goes.