We had the best sort of weekend – perfect combination of physical activity, good food + time with new & old friends.

We woke up before the sun was up on Saturday morning and had leftovers (a little later) for breakfast since Jon had cooked an extra squash + sausage on Friday night and refrigerated it as-is. I was a little skeptical that this sort of meal would be decent leftover – but it was definitely very good the second time around.

We spent the rest of the day in the mountains.

Lunch looked like this:

(steamed + tossed with olive oil and S&P)

(chickpea salad)

(on leftover holiday plates I’ve had hanging around)

That brownie?

Jon was extremely skeptical. His comment while mixing it all up? “Well … it’s just different.”

I loved them so much I threw the leftovers away this morning. Seriously. Don’t need the temptation to eat brownies at every meal.

First cook-out with friends since the gluten free journey began? VERY successful.

It was a fun day.

It took about 4 hours to do the 5 mile (round-trip) hike + swim.

It was SO nice to be disconnected all day.

And to get some exercise outside on a gorgeous day.

Jon found $20 on the trail, so we spent it on ice cream.

I know I say this a lot – but I’m SO happy to be home.


We skipped breakfast yesterday (Sunday) and then found ourselves invited to another potluck situation where we were unprepared and where there was nothing “safe” to eat.

I ended up with fruit, a deviled egg and some fresh tomatoes/peppers/vinegar.

We were walking the line and at risk of offending by not eating much, I know – but we didn’t want to make a big deal of the gluten thing. I had to casually mention it, though, when people weren’t eating dessert because we weren’t getting up to get some.

I am very seriously reluctant to do (or insinuate) the “bad” vs. “good” food thing, in general – and never do or mention anything of the sort around/with other people – but this felt like that (TO ME) despite my one sentence/quick celiac explanation that should have alleviated any good vs. bad vibes.

I didn’t like it.

Good lesson, though, in maneuvering situations where we might find ourselves unprepared and unwilling to compromise.

Anyway – we were starving when we got home so we ate leftover cook-out food.

And finally had dessert, too.

Spent the rest of the day preparing for the week.

I’m generally unwilling to take the time to google stuff to figure out the gluten situation while out somewhere and prefer to just avoid. Sometimes, though, it’s worth it.

Dinner last night = BBQ from a nearby restaurant.


We bit the bullet and joined a big fancy gym – something I knew would likely happen once we went as far as going in to look at it.

I think the unlimited use of the HydroMassage table sold Jon on the idea.

Now I guess I can see what the bodypump hype is all about.

We watched The Last Heart Attack last night and now I’m all worked up about whether we’re doing the right thing with all the meat + eggs.

I’m also all worked up about figuring out when to schedule some coronary calcium scans since Jon and I both have a family history of heart disease.

I skipped the eggs this morning until I can reassure myself/get over my paranoia.