I seriously feel like I am falling apart.

I woke up twice last night because my back was hurting. I am TOO YOUNG to be complaining about being old.

I got rid of my desk chair (well – pushed it aside, anyway) in an attempt to try something new.

I have always semi-rolled my eyes at this idea because it looked horridly uncomfortable – but my posture is legitimately much better on the ball. I’m actually sitting up.

I hope it helps. I can’t even touch my back at the moment d/t all the tennis ball/foam rolling.

I took a break from eggs and went a different route for breakfast.

I’m all screwed up, though, re: eating and didn’t eat “breakfast” (above) until almost 11.

I didn’t even think about eating again until 4. So – I just finished off the tomato + mozzarella instead of figuring out something new.

Jon usually cooks as soon as he gets home – so dinner generally happens around 6:30. Today was no exception.

I wasn’t starving, but I was definitely ready to eat something other than the above despite having recently eaten.

Dinner = a butternut squash stuffed with a spicy sausage concoction (sausage, spinach, onion, garlic, Parm cheese on top) + roasted (with a little coconut oil) asparagus. I am not aware of a recipe, but it’s likely he adapted this from something/somewhere. I know we’ve had this before – couldn’t find it.

My dessert = more of yesterday’s snickerdoodles.


I spent a decent chunk of time today researching gyms. I’ve always had access to a university gym – or the YMCA or CrossFit. Right now? Zero options.

(My trainer is not affiliated with a gym – I go to her house. Not every day, though. I need more.)

We’re thinking about going a different route this time so that Jon will have an option near both his office and home (in addition to CrossFit – which he plans to return to) – but I’m EXTREMELY reluctant to commit to a contract of any sort.

I very realistically COULD exercise at home/outside, but I need to get out of the house and see a new person each day right now. Any person.

For real.

I signed us up for a free 3 day membership at a chain place, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to check it out this weekend and make some decisions.

A lot changed in Knoxville (food-wise) while I was gone. One notable difference: the co-op we used to go to has moved. They’re no longer conveniently located down the street from us – but they’re still very close – and they have more than 3 parking spots now. And a big fancy building.

My Friday night request? To check it out. So we did.


I also recently learned that Knoxville will be getting a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe’s. AND the market we used to buy our meat from opened a location downtown/nearby (saving us a fairly lengthy drive). AND apparently Costco and Publix are coming (though in parts of town that I almost never venture to).

I hope this sort of influx is common. I doubt I’ll go out of my way to shop at any of the new places – but it would be nice to have all of the options available long-term.