I’m getting really tired of eggs.

Had the same lunch, too. Added walnuts this time, though.

I was on my own for dinner and couldn’t handle the thought of eating leftovers – which would have meant all 3 meals would have been identical to yesterday – so I picked up a few things and ate exactly what I felt like eating.

I had to spend $10 to use a coupon for a free (whole) chicken – so I browsed the gluten free stuff to see what I might find.

Here’s what I left with:

(I’ve never had a snickerdoodle before so I have nothing to compare to – but I ate 3. So.)

(Have had these before.)

(Ok. Sort of bland.)

The chicken deal wound up working out really well for them in the end.

Jon thinks I’m crazy and won’t eat any of this stuff (strictly paleo) – but I think it’s unrealistic to assume that I’ll never eat another cookie/cracker/chip.

I probably need slow down on the gluten research/books and not read about food all day tomorrow, though. Makes my mind hungry.

I was looking for a recipe for a chickpea salad we made sometime last summer and wound up reading through May 2010 entries. May 28:

This week:
Sunday – 189.0
Monday – 187.5
Tuesday – 186.0
Wednesday – 187.0
Thursday – 185.5
Friday – 184.5

I’m pretty firmly hovering around 179 – 180 right now and have been for a while.

It sounds like I was pretty worked up about losing weight back then, but I know that went out the window sometime after classes started in August – and I know it really went by the wayside after Decemberish 2010.

So apparently I’ve lost 5-10 pounds without REALLY “trying.”