Well, I’m not going stir-crazy just yet – but I did spend most of the day taking pictures of the dog.

Make of that what you will.

It started out innocently enough.

My back/shoulders have been killing me lately – and the foam roller wasn’t cutting it – so I dug a ball out of his toy basket and rolled around on it in an attempt to loosen up/relieve pain.

I think he was initially confused.

Then he apparently thought he’d move on to sweetness to get the ball.

Then he tried to dig it out from under me.

He tried looking pitiful.

Then he tried distraction.

I finally gave in.

And he promptly destroyed it.


(I need a job.)

I have a huge fear that I’ve destroyed my knees over the years (with my weight). I hear crunching and clicking and general weirdness when I walk up and down stairs and have been feeling quite a bit of pain lately, in general. This isn’t new – it’s just worse following a year of relative inactivity.

So – I’m trying to re-strengthen muscles to alleviate/help the situation with a list of stuff my trainer gave me to do at home. I’m already feeling some minor improvement (or the new pain/soreness in new areas is masking the old?) – so I’m hopeful.

I’ve never really regretted anything re: my weight/past. It is what it is.

It’s a little frustrating that my knees creak and hurt at 31, though, and I will be seriously pissed at myself if I’ve done major damage that will impact my future ability/mobility.


I’m trying to teach myself to like yoga dvds (and yoga, in general), too, since I created a little workout space in our (former) attic/junk room and have the desire (and time) to find something to do that’s not overly hard on my knees.

We’ll see.


Breakfast this morning was typical.

Lunch was identical to yesterday.

I added some sugar, though.

Jon made dinner: a repeat of pancit (the paleo/non-noodle version, of course).

This is what’s involved:

Cabbage, onions and garlic

More cabbage and shredded carrots

A lime

Chicken and pork

Shrimp (previously shelled and frozen for quick use)

This stuff

And most importantly …


I skipped the ice cream tonight and went for a walk instead.