Tomorrow is the first day since I’ve been back in Knoxville that I don’t have an appointment of some sort.

I wonder if I’ll be going stir-crazy by 5pm despite my earlier proclamations that I could get used to this no school/job situation.

I could get used to this no school/no job situation.

I’m enjoying it and really don’t feel overly bored too often – but only because I’ve had a reason to get dressed and talk to people each day. We’ll see how long I can keep it up now that I’ve run out of things to do.

I do have to admit that I’m LOVING being able to sit on the porch and leisurely read a book, though.

A book that I chose. All on my own. For fun.

It’s been years.

His ears are my favorite.

Breakfast this morning was typical.

Jon’s homemade yogurt didn’t kill me yesterday, so I ate it again.

(It never kills him, either, so I’m not sure why I have such a fear of homemade yogurt – except it’s a dairy product/MILK that I witnessed unrefrigerated and out on a counter all night, which just seems wrong. I like to live in denial about how my food is created.)

Lunch = spinach + torn up meat & provolone + a chopped up boiled egg + a little bit of homemade Italian dressing + pepper.

I was on my own for dinner tonight since Jon went to watch a soccer game. Last night’s dinner was planned with this in mind – so I had leftovers.

Afterward, I had some peach ice cream.

Now? More reading. Tonight = this:

I’ve read maybe 50 pages or so, but I’ve already learned that we probably should have asked the dentist about the stuff/paste they used to clean our teeth yesterday.

And that we should probably separate/replace all of our utensils.

And that Jon has probably been “contaminating” himself when eating around gluten (i.e., picking around certain things). (Which we knew.)

And that it would be a huge pain in the ass/general imposition for me to continue to eat gluten from the same kitchen. (Especially since he cooks everything.)

Realistically – it’s going to be fine. I’ve already done one major life overhaul and completely relearned how to eat.

I can do it again.