I had a postural assessment/session with the trainer today. Was definitely reminded that a year of relative inactivity = serious changes in ability.

I knew that and anticipated it – still disappointing to actually feel/face it.

I skipped breakfast because my session with the trainer was fairly early (I’ve learned over the years that I have to exercise on a completely empty stomach) … so I was pretty hungry by the time lunch rolled around.

I heated up some leftover sauce and poured it on top of spinach.

Jon made a batch of yogurt for himself yesterday and very kindly sweetened some for me (with honey and vanilla) – so I gave it a shot, too.

Loved it. He sweetened it just enough to take the sour edge off.

Mid-afternoon snack:

(Learned that Boar’s Head meat + cheeses are gluten free.)

Jon made dinner tonight: curried meatballs.


This is definitely one of my favorite meals. Turkey/beef combo (vs. just beef) as before.

Great meal for leftovers/sharing because it makes a bunch (picture taken last time):


I sat in my dentist’s office this afternoon reading on my phone – very effectively blocking out the tv AND the radio that were competing and making me crazy – until a guy sitting near me burst out with a loud disagreement about something he heard. Apparently we were watching The Doctors – and apparently someone on there said something (that I didn’t hear) labeling childhood obesity as child abuse.

He became extremely upset and it turned into one of those situations where he looked around for support in his belief that what we were hearing was absolutely ridiculous.

A little while later, they showed some women complaining about being overweight – and it looked like one of them showed her arms and did the arm fat waving in the air thing. I watched as that guy lifted up his shirt and jiggled and waved his arm around completely oblivious to everyone in the room. Just genuinely curious about the whole thing – and obviously of the opinion that the whole thing was nuts.

Two things: 1) I had an overwhelming urge to hug that man for some strange reason. 2) I wish I could be so free and vocal.