I’m officially all set to go with my (former, now present) trainer.  I met with her on Friday to do the fitness evaluation where I learned that I’ve lost weight, lost inches and gained fat since the last time she did an evaluation (sometime in 09, I think).  Not surprised at all.

I did 28 push-ups (during a timed minute) and have felt incredibly sore, so I’m sure I’m in for quite the shock next week when I meet with her and actually have to use my body.

I’ve missed this feeling, though.  It’s almost comforting to me to be transported back to when I worked out regularly and lived with near constant sore/tired muscles. 

It’s a good thing.

I’m trying to make more of an effort re: eliminating gluten.

Jon and I had a long talk about his health situation and I started feeling like it’s ridiculous that I’m not more helpful re: diet changes.

I need to make a commitment to this with him. We are much more successful at making lifestyle changes when we BOTH make them – so it’s time. I’ve been hemming and hawing and giving in and rationalizing and even though Jon really has no expectation that I do this – I am.

For real this time.

First step? I gave away a box of birthday cupcakes.

(After I ate a couple, of course – I’m not a saint).

Some of my friends very kindly brought a box to dinner last week + Jon bought a box the same day – so I wound up with a bunch.

It wasn’t TOO hard to squelch the little kid part of my brain that threw a fit as Jon’s kids walked out the door with the ones I had left – though I WAS seriously tempted to take a last minute bite out of each.


I skipped breakfast on Friday and then wound up eating lunch in the car while I ran errands (meat + cheese + yogurt + melon).

It occurred to me as I uploaded the pictures that I have no idea where/in what sort of facility pectin is created – so I might have to give up my yogurt.

Also – I probably shouldn’t have been eating the meat or cheese since I have no idea what’s in them.

And I’ll definitely have to permanently give up these things (my lunch #2 since I was hungry an hour after the lunch above):

None of that is such a hardship, really. Except the yogurt.

Breakfast on Saturday was typical.

I chopped up some of the fruit from the edible arrangement I received but didn’t think about the chocolate – and whether it might contain gluten for some random reason – until AFTER I’d started eating. I’m going to assume that it’s fine – but I’m learning that gluten is EVERYWHERE.

I’m most definitely going to have to continue working on awareness.

Lunch was simple + very good: grilled hamburgers and roasted broccoli.

Just chopped it up and ate it with a fork.

We picked up some ice cream while we were out on Friday night since we found peach (my absolute non-chocolate favorite) – so I tried it.

I have a longstanding love affair going on with Bruster’s Ice Cream, but I think they’ve met their match.

It tasted real. Like – really real. Not orange colored/peach flavored “real”.

I’m glad it’s expensive enough to prohibit regular purchasing. Seriously. Hopefully this pint will last a while.

I had another snack sometime late afternoon because I felt like I was starving.

Dinner = BBQ picked up by Jon on his way home from a soccer game.

(The BBQ place has a list of items that contain gluten – supposedly these things don’t. I’m starting to feel more and more leery of restaurants, though.)


Today’s breakfast:

I had purchased a whole pineapple + a carton of strawberries just about an hour before the fruit arrangement arrived at my door – so I have a refrigerator FULL of fruit right now.

Definitely not a bad thing.

Lunch (while out) = Taj.

Dinner was quick, too. Homemade sauce + spaghetti squash + Parmesan cheese.


I most definitely welcome comments, feedback, tips, etc. re: the gluten (or anything else, of course). I very much appreciate input!