Well, the celiac saga continues.

Jon (and I) met with a new gastro doctor (in Knoxville) today to talk about the fact that the antibody test was negative. There’s some convoluted theory/reason – so we’re likely on to genetic testing now.

The reason he’s going through with all of this and not relying solely on the biopsy results? He stills feels pretty awful despite taking gluten out of his diet. I don’t think he’s 100% sold on the fact that gluten is the only factor at play.

That gluten experiment I mentioned (starting gluten and redoing the antibody test down here)? I think it lasted a day or two. Unsurprisingly, he DID feel noticeably worse – so he decided not to follow through. The current doctor didn’t seem to be inclined to care about retesting and was more interested in genetic testing, anyway.

Ultimately, I think we’re going to have to slow down on the restaurants and just buckle down and (I need to) try harder to ensure we aren’t accidentally purchasing/cooking with/ingesting gluten.

It’s just so weird that this suddenly happened to him. He never had stomach issues or health issues, in general. Of the two of us, he was most definitely the healthiest. Now? Stomach pain almost constantly.

So I graduated 12 days ago and I’m already ready to snap at the next person who asks me if I have a job yet. Jon’s DOCTOR asked me FTLOG.

The issue? I WANT to work. I love my chosen profession. I love to work, to be around people, to have a regular schedule, to be productive, etc. I am already going crazy sitting at home just one week in. There’s a lot of internal pressure going on.

I can only take so many pictures of the dog before all this time on my hands gets a little old.

Rough couple of days.

BUT. I also just lived through the most stressful year of my entire life. I’ve been home ONE WEEK.

I cooked dinner last night since I was home most of the day.

(Though “cook” might not be the right word.)

I chopped up the broccoli and put a little too much coconut oil on it before roasting since I didn’t know what I was doing. Turns out it’s really good with a little too much coconut oil.

I picked up some cookies on a total whim, too.

Good, but way too expensive ($8) for me to purchase again. I really need to get in the habit of looking at prices if I’m going to do the shopping so I’m not shocked/broke after each trip.

I must’ve been in a peanut butter mood because I also bought this:

And added it to my breakfast this morning.

Loved it.

Jon and I stopped for a quick lunch after his appointment today. I shot down Mexican and Five Guys in lieu of a salad bar. This feels totally indulgent (to me) with the pasta and the creamy dressing, but at least it didn’t cause a stomachache.

The best part?

(butter pecan)

Someone arrived at my door with a birthday gift shortly after I got home.

Wonderful surprise.

Never before occurred to me to dip pineapple in chocolate. Now I’m wondering how I lived so long without it.


I just read all of my entries surrounding my birthday last year and saw that I weighed 186.5. Today, I weigh 180.0.

Other than that, the story is the same. I have been overwhelmed with facebook comments, texts, calls, deliveries and cards. I still feel very loved and incredibly lucky.

I feel a little weird to be solidly in my 30’s – but I’m also feeling incredibly happy I’m on the other side of school/MI.