We’re home!

We picked up a truck last Tuesday and loaded it up before leaving MI early last Wednesday morning So – I guess we’ve been home almost a week now.

It’s all a chaotic blur.

My mom was still with us last Tuesday since she had originally planned to fly home from MI on Thursday – but she very kindly went along with my craziness re: leaving early, canceled her flight and rode to Knoxville with me.

We found that our AC was broken when we arrived and soon determined that it had obviously been out of commission for a while because it was HOT in our house. Jon and I unloaded most of the truck, but we couldn’t handle the heat overnight because we are wimps and because I don’t do open windows while I sleep – so our first night at home was spent in a hotel.

I was very seriously just happy to be home.

House looks like a bad ep of Hoarders - and the AC is broken - but we're home.

The AC guy came the next day and eventually told us that the part he needed would have to be ordered/overnighted – so we were looking at another night + day of heat – so my mom made arrangements and bailed. Totally don’t blame her.

The rest of week has been spent unpacking, putting things away, sorting, cleaning, etc. The house appears as if we never left. The yard is back under control. Vision, dental, doctor, tree doctor (because our very large, very old tree has strangely dropped all of its leaves requiring raking in 90 degree heat which is ridiculous), vet, dog grooming, etc. appointments have been scheduled. I have a fitness eval with my former trainer at the end of the week.

Life is officially off hold and back to normal.

And now I’m bored.

I’ve been eating the same simple stuff over and over since we haven’t done any major grocery shopping/restocking.

I didn’t even realize I was photographing nothing but eggs + fruit/yogurt/granola until I started uploading stuff.

Wouldn’t be so bad, I guess, if these were all breakfast photos.

Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

We did have a very early lunch at a Mexican place on Saturday, though, which was a nice departure from eggs. I’m actually surprised it took us that long to make it to one given how often we complained about the lack of options in MI.


I threw away all of my WW stuff. I’ve been dragging it around and storing it and hemming and hawing for YEARS.

I’ve never been willing to let it go for some reason – I worried that I might need it … should keep it just in case.

I unpacked it this time and was just done.

I think this is the first time in my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE that I do not own a points finder.