I’m officially done.


My parents arrived on Thursday + Friday, so we’ve spent the weekend showing them around + eating at some of our favorite places.

First stop on Friday? Angelo’s.

I have not been gluten-free this weekend. At all. Jon has, though, of course.

I went into Zingerman’s sometime last week to pick up some gifts for a couple of people at my (former) hospital and encountered a bunch of cakes that started some internal lobbying for an early birthday cake – because I guess I needed justification for some reason?

Jon reminded me that I was about to graduate … so … we took everybody out to the bakehouse/creamery on Friday afternoon so I could pick out a cake.

We somehow ended up with gelato + brownies, too.

And a big ball of mozzarella.

They actually had a couple of gluten-free options for Jon.

The brownie was very good despite his desire to think all gluten-free baked stuff is evil and made with wood pulp.

The cake I chose = buttermilk w/raspberry buttercream inside + chocolate buttercream outside.

Jon chose a slice of gluten-free lemon cake (pie?) to have when we ate cake on Saturday.

Lunch on Friday was a smoothie (plus the above samples of brownies + gelato that I stole from everybody since I didn’t choose anything of my own).

Dinner happened at Zamaan Cafe – where I completely forgot to take pictures – but where we had the completely gluten-free chicken + rice + hummus + salad sort of meal that we always have there.

I completely skipped breakfast on Saturday because I was stressed about the graduation.

I picked The Blue Nile for lunch afterward. Everything was gluten-free but the bread.

Jon did not seem to be of the opinion that eating off of the bread would be overly harmful for him – but he did carefully eat with a fork.

It was an extremely nice day.

Ended with my favorites – cake + vanilla ice cream + this:


Today/Sunday? More restaurants. Breakfast happened at The Broken Egg.

This = rye toast + spinach + tomatoes + fried eggs + ham + cheddar cheese + salsa + sour cream. I ate maybe 1/2.

After that, we went to Detroit and did a quick tour.

Took my parents to Detroit for the morning.

Lunch happened at Metzger’s.

I chose 1/2 a roasted chicken + stuffing + spatzen + potato pancakes (which resulted in enough leftovers for dinner + breakfast tomorrow, too, if desired). Jon asked and was provided with a gluten-free menu, so he had pork chops + a beet salad + sauerkraut – and was very disappointed to learn that all of the sausage contains gluten.




I’m exhausted. Long week, busy weekend, an apartment to pack and a move to make = stress.

I’m looking forward to a long walk tonight. And to a consistent return to “normal” food. My stomach has been hurting and I’m fairly confident it has everything to do with the gluten + dairy (ice cream) I’ve been eating.

I am SO intolerant of the full/achy stomach feeling after having spent years in that constant state.

My mindset is more firmly shifting toward Jon’s direction, for sure, despite my love of all things gluten.