I’m taking another trip down memory lane this morning.

My mom sent a text sometime late yesterday afternoon and told me to look in a box she had mailed up here earlier in the week (in anticipation of her arrival here later today).

So I looked.

She recently had a bunch of film developed that had been sitting around in a drawer for years.

The first picture actually knocked me for a little bit of a loop.

My mom + little brother + me @ Niagara Falls in ~1999 (so I was ~19). I had forgotten what it felt like to be that teenager.

2003 (23yo):

2004 (24yo):

I remember this period incredibly well – but do NOT remember looking like this. I remember being perfectly fine with my body. I’d had it for a long time … so … I’m not sure that I actually realized just how much damage I was doing by gaining so much weight – or something?

I was either in complete denial, felt complete helplessness or just truly embraced everything about myself. I don’t know. I’m leaning toward complete embrace.

Nonetheless, this shocked me when I saw it yesterday.

Interestingly, though, the first thing I noticed about this picture was the WW weight loss congratulatory ribbon on the refrigerator.

2005 (25yo)

I have been staring at these pictures all morning.