I’ve been up since 6 since I can’t sleep later even when I have nothing much to do.

Who knows how I get where I get – but I stumbled upon some pictures from 2006 on my hard drive – and then found them in a private set on flickr.

Jon, Sarah & Henry

I vividly remember this day.

Jon & Sarah

I had completely forgotten we were totally different people, though.

Jon & Henry

So weird.

Jon & Henry

I’d also forgotten how effin’ adorable Henry was when he was little.


I found this from a little later in 2006, too (also locked/private for some reason that probably has to do with prior embarrassment re: them being randomly found/viewed):

Henry, Sarah & Jon

I’m glad I happened to take some pictures on our walk last night when I was feeling all sad about leaving/wanting memories:



This makes the cupcake thing from yesterday all the more profound.

So much has changed.