I went to my very last class today. Definitely bittersweet.

Finishing up the semester + tying up loose ends/preparing for a huge move + planning a vacation that will happen a few weeks after moving has all been stressful – yet it’s all very exciting.

I’m sad, but ready for a new chapter.

I don’t know where our time fully goes lately – but it hasn’t really gone to food preparation. We’ve been eating a lot of the same stuff over and over.

Today was somewhat better.

I skipped breakfast because I wasn’t very hungry. They had a potluck in my class, but I didn’t eat anything (or contribute because I completely forgot).

I was actually a little surprised at how appalled I was that they were eating chips + dips + coke + doughnuts + cheap frosted cookies at 8am … but I know that has nothing to do with them and everything to do with my own aversion to those things.

Bad news = I felt very judgmental. Good news = I definitely didn’t feel deprived of anything.

We went to Ayse’s Turkish Cafe for lunch since just about everything is gluten-free + they can (and will seemingly happily) list all of the ingredients of each dish if asked.

I had Cornish hen (not totally gluten free d/t soy sauce) + rice + lentil soup.

(Didn’t eat the pitas.)

Jon had Red Pepper Lamb Dolma. (Pepper stuffed with some sort of lamb mixture + yogurt on top.)

I had a snack sometime mid-afternoon.

I LOVE these things. I weigh out an ounce each time – seems to be a perfect amount of sweetness. (Pictures taken yesterday.)

I almost feel guilty eating them, though, because they look and sound JUST like the dog treats we buy.

Jon made dinner tonight.

Chicken + roasted squash:

Pesto: (that I slathered all over the chicken + ate with a spoon until I realized how much oil was involved – recipe somewhere here)

Plus a special request because I was having a serious craving:


We’ve been walking, as usual.

Not much else, though.

I have been in contact with my trainer and am set to start back up when I get home. I’m extremely excited to jump-start everything with her + get back in the groove + get back to pilates.

I have missed my old (fitness) life SO much.

Jon and I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead yesterday after I read about it on a couple of blogs + twitter.

It felt very infomercialish … and I am not a fan of any sort of crash “diet” or fast, etc. … and I think there’s WAY more to substantial weight loss than nutrition … but I didn’t turn it off.

I cried, of course, when I saw the guy (the truck driver) at the end because I so appreciate how hard it is to make the changes that facilitate a huge weight loss … and I felt very happy for him.

I have no intention of going on a juice fast or any of that BS because I like to eat … but I’m just enough a sucker that I might buy a juicer later tonight.