Today has been such a low-key/low-stress day that I’m feeling like I’ve forgotten something really important.

I’m not sure I know what it feels like to exist without papers and projects constantly hanging over my head. I have one paper and one short presentation to do. That’s it.

I ate a quick (prepared by Jon) breakfast on my way out the door this morning.


(He fries a bunch of eggs together and then splits them in half.)

Lunch happened after a class/during errands at Raja Rani.

Jon asked for a menu and explained the gluten thing but the waitress informed us (after asking for clarification from someone) that all of their buffet stuff (minus the naan, obv) is gluten free because they use lentil/chickpea flour. We were previously told by a different waiter to order from the menu … so I’m hoping she’s right.

We risked it since she seemed to be very confident.

I haven’t felt like eating dinner – so I’m not.

I took some frozen blueberries on our walk, though.


I LOVE them. The problem?

My mouth and nails are worse. Small price to pay, I guess.


This whole gluten free thing has turned out to be pretty simple. I was worried restaurants would be a huge problem, but so far almost every restaurant we’ve been to recently is well-versed and very accommodating. I had no idea it would turn out to be so simple.

I meant to include this meal (at Ayse’s Turkish Cafe) the other day and forgot. It’s all gluten-free – and they were extremely kind and helpful in explaining everything.

Jon’s = Spicy Cabbage Stew w/ Lamb

Mine = Chicken & Chickpeas

Complimentary sample given to us = Eggplant Salad

Both = Lentil Soup

Jon’s dessert = Pear Compote

Mine = Halva (nut-butter based)

It definitely gives me hope that this will be easy and doable for the long haul.

Also? My frozen things are gluten free.


AND I found gluten free bean burritos.

So I’m good.