We crossed another MI destination off the list this weekend: Mackinac Island.

I doubt we’ll accomplish many more since we have less than a month left – so I’m very glad we were able to make it work.

It was a definite full-on encounter of white privilege – something I was highly aware of at all times – complete with 50-60’s era maid uniforms (almost exclusively on persons of color) and trips down lanes I assumed wouldn’t be glorified.

We packed a ton of stuff into the 24 hours we were there.

1st day + night:

We stayed somewhere off the beaten path and did quite a bit of walking.

We tried to look at the Grand Hotel but got kicked off the street since we weren’t dressed appropriately (which we weren’t aware would be the case).

Dinner happened at The Yankee Rebel Tavern (where they were extremely accommodating re: gluten).

I think I started to get a little tipsy off of 1/2 a glass of wine – but I had eaten just two eggs and some (plain) granola prior to dinner since we had been busy driving to St. Ignace and taking a ferry over and riding a (slow) horse carriage to our room, etc.

I went about 12 hours without eating is what I’m saying.

That does not equal good things for me – and it’s where I lost restraint and ate the bread. Jon very kindly reminded me that I’M not the one with the celiac issue and really shouldn’t be so concerned.

Damn good thing, I guess.

I had pistachio crusted whitefish.

Jon had ribs.

We did a lot more walking after dinner since it was a gorgeous night.

It was fun.

Jon’s mom went with us, so we had our own personal photographer.

We had a really nice “taxi” driver on the way back to our room – he stopped and showed us things, etc. Definitely better than walking (over a mile) back in the dark.

Day # 2 (yesterday):

Breakfast was horrible. We had eggs + I had a few links of sausage (that Jon felt iffy about so didn’t eat) at some place a taxi driver recommended. It made me pretty grumpy and elicited some outright snobbery from me – but I just will NOT eat a bunch of low-quality/processed shit and feel poorly for the rest of the day.

We took a private carriage tour around the island so that we could see things we hadn’t previously walked to see.

Absolute best part of the trip? Bike ride around the island. Something like 8 miles, I think.

SO fun.

After that, we paid the $10/ea to be able to go inside the Grand Hotel since Jon’s mom is a huge fan of Somewhere in Time (filmed there).

We had lunch at Carleton’s Tea Store inside the hotel.

Jon and I mostly hung out at a bar/on the porch while his mom checked out the hotel.

Then we found another bar upstairs/inside and ate some more.

Our time on the island was just about up after that – but we had a few minutes to kill once we made it back to the ferry – so we ate even more.

We drove back last night and got in pretty late.

My only regret? All I had with me (that I could use on my sensitive skin) was SPF 15 moisturizer – which did nothing. I don’t know what I was thinking. Should’ve been better prepared.

Otherwise? Fabulous 24 hours – just enough physical activity, great food, lots of fun.


We’ve been pretty lazy today. Jon took his mom to the airport this AM and we’ve since done nothing but watch tv/movies.

I skipped breakfast (because I wasn’t hungry) and then just had yogurt + fruit for lunch.

Plus this thing that I’m going to call a pineapple and coconut smoothie with a splash of rum. Sounds better.

I ate a couple of snacks throughout the afternoon.

Apparently I’m on a quest to try every Food Should Taste Good chip available.

Jon had dinner in the crock-pot all day.

I think I need to eat a bunch of green stuff tomorrow.