Here’s an interesting thing I’m encountering: people COMMENTING on the fact that I might leave Jon now that I’ve lost weight. Like, out loud.

In one case, the degree I’m working on was a large factor (i.e., I’ll have an advanced degree AND be thinner so he better watch out).

In the other, though? Just my size.

It’s all HA HA and kidding – but come on. The first time, I was offended on my own behalf. Then I started thinking about it … and I’m generally pissed on Jon’s behalf.

There’s some thinking by some that self-acceptance leads to change. That you can’t fully change until you accept yourself – flaws and all.

Jon is the reason I achieved the self-acceptance necessary to make the changes I’ve made.

He loves me unconditionally, he accepts everything about me and he gave me the confidence I needed to accept myself.

I did this WITH him, though, not because of him or in spite of him. We did this together because we wanted a different life.

That seems to be overlooked and forgotten.

Jon is my best friend. He is the best person I know. Losing weight hasn’t changed that.

If anything, it opened up this whole new hobby and shared experience that has strengthened our relationship.

I know how lucky I am.

I’m still trying to figure out my overall way when it comes to size/body comments, in general – not just to specific stuff like this. It’s still fairly new territory, so I never know what to do.

Ignoring it isn’t what I want. On the other hand, “F you” likely isn’t the nicest thing that could come out of my mouth – so I’m working on it.

It’s just amazing to me that I’m still stepping into body/size/weight loss situations that I’ve never previously encountered – and never expected.