Jon’s gastro appt happened Friday morning. Our interpretation (googling) of the pathology report was correct – it’s celiac disease. Or – as is the case – just about everything else has been ruled out.

He doesn’t appear to have any serious absorption/deficiency issues going on at the moment but more testing is being done to make sure.

SO – we’re (both) completely gluten-free now.

We left right after his appointment and drove down to Knoxville – which was just an overnight stop on the way to Atlanta – because we are INSANE.

Seriously. We must be.

This was sort of a spontaneous trip. The kind where we decide to go a few days in advance and then I generally eat a bunch of junk and wind up feeling awful and bloated and come back weighing 5 pounds more than I left with – in the name of “fun.”

I’m still (mostly) counting calories – but I wanted to enjoy the weekend and not get all militant OR venture into compulsive eating territory – so I purposely chose to consciously eat with the overall goal of simply feeling good … physically AND mentally. (Plus the gluten-free thing.)

It worked out really well.

Here’s how it went:

Lunch on Friday (as we walked out the door to go):

(Just because.)

I packed some stuff since I knew we’d likely drive through dinner: yogurt (I lied about not trying flavored yogurt anymore – didn’t really like this one, either, though) + granola + nuts + applesauce

Stopped for an iced (black) coffee somewhere along the way (which turned into a big mistake as we sat at a complete standstill for AN HOUR on a closed interstate just AFTER I decided to stop at the next exit for a bathroom).

I never thought I’d see the day that I’d wind up at a Ruby Tuesday for dinner at 11PM – a solid 2 hours past my bedtime – but it was the only place (near our house) open when we arrived and we were starving.

We checked their gluten-free menu and I chose the Chicken Bella (minus the Parmesan cream sauce).

We picked Jon’s girls up bright and early Saturday AM. They wanted chick-fil-a, so we stopped at a grocery store, too, and compromised. My breakfast:

Jon’s mom made homemade pimento cheese sandwiches for lunch for everybody when we arrived – and salads for me and Jon.

Dinner that night = chicken + green beans straight from her garden + squash casserole (squash, zucchini, almonds & cheese) + homemade potato salad + homemade coleslaw

Plus I had about 3 or 4 of these throughout the day.

And a piña colada.

(This explains how I wound up with crackled nails.)

She made homemade peach ice cream. Always a huge hit.

AND she made a coconut cream pie that I reluctantly shared with everyone (my ONLY gluten of the day – Jon abstained, though, of course).

Breakfast Sunday morning = eggs + homemade yogurt.

We had to leave shortly after breakfast to drop the kids off, mow the yard and drive back to MI – so we quickly ate the same Ruby Tuesday meal from Friday night on the way out of town (since we knew it would be gluten-free and quick) and then skipped dinner until we got to MI.

11PM found us in Kroger deliriously buying gluten-free tortilla chips, cheese, refried beans and an avocado.

We had a FANTASTIC weekend. I’ve felt pretty isolated lately – and haven’t been to ATL since last 4th of July – so I’m glad we went.

(The slouching-to-match-height thing never works out well.)

I’m pretty happy about the fact that I was able to keep a crazy/busy weekend almost completely gluten-free (but the pie) AND I can’t deny that I was pretty happy when I weighed this morning and found zero change from Friday morning (179.5).

I was consistently aware/mindful of everything – and I limited based on hunger, how I felt, etc. without restricting d/t calories (despite counting them) – and I didn’t go crazy and wind up bloated and sick – so it was good.

I skipped breakfast this morning in lieu of sleep, so I was starving by the time my class was over. Not a good time to grocery shop – but it had to be done.

I bought these because I liked the blue tortilla ones we bought last night for our delirium nachos:


Some lady gave me a dirty look in the Whole Foods parking lot as I tore into them – but I do not care. They’re awesome.

Actual lunch = rotisserie chicken + baked potato (with butter, sour cream & olives) + pickles.

I slept for 4 hours this afternoon – which is unheard of for me – and haven’t wanted dinner since waking up – so I think this is it. Yogurt + a peach + frozen blueberries + granola.