Today hasn’t been the best (calorie-wise). I need to eat more, in general – and more protein, specifically.

I didn’t feel like eating breakfast – so I didn’t – and didn’t eat lunch until almost 1PM. That’s a definite stretch for me but I was preoccupied with a paper I needed to finish and just wasn’t hungry.

Jon made lunch for himself when he got back from a run. He offered to share, but I declined.

This mess he ate? A mango, an avocado, some red onion, a can of sardines (in olive oil) & balsamic vinegar.

I will generally at least taste anything – and I did taste this – but I didn’t swallow it.

He claims it was fantastic. Seriously.

I ate whatever I could find and easily eat.

Yogurt + frozen blueberries + 1/3c granola + about a T of almond butter.

Plus string cheese and an ounce of nuts, an ounce of crunchy peas & pickles – eaten right out of the bowl that belongs to the food scale.

I had a snack mid-afternoon.

I definitely won’t be buying any more fruit flavored yogurt. Just not my thing.

Jon made dinner tonight: pork chops + roasted squash/zucchini with fresh basil, onions and garlic.


Going for a walk.