Tuesdays suck for me. For now. 8 hours at work + a 4 hour class at night – that’s NOT air conditioned. That should be illegal.

I stopped at Panera on the way home (pretty late – for me) because I was starving. It’s a damn good thing they have calories listed on their menu boards. The meal I went in thinking I’d eat? 1000 calories. I didn’t do quite that much damage after the confrontation with reality.

Today? Somewhat better.

I bought a couple flavored individual sized yogurts earlier in the week for some reason. No idea. Impulse purchase, I guess. I generally prefer to (and usually always) buy the large containers and add fresh fruit.

First bite of this one (for breakfast on the way to work)? Eh.

I don’t love fruit flavored yogurt even if it claims to have actual peaches and maple syrup and all that. You really just can’t beat a FRESH peach.

I ate two scrambled eggs, too.

I over-packed lunch today. I ended up eating just the burrito and the cheese stick and brought the cherries + applesauce + peach home.

Jon was home when I got home – so we walked to dinner (3 miles round-trip).

It was nice.