It didn’t occur to me until I was halfway to campus this morning that I hadn’t had breakfast.

I left early because I had to drop Jon off, so I had a little bit of time to pick something up – but no idea where to actually do that.

Bad choice #1 of the day was a turkey/cheese wrap from a coffee shop near my building.

It was the only thing in the case that wasn’t a pastry of some sort. I unwrapped it to pick out the turkey and cheese and was hoping it would have more than it initially appeared to have, but it just didn’t.


So I paid $4.50 to eat 3 slices of turkey and half a piece of disgusting cheese.

I hadn’t packed lunch, either, and had limited time this afternoon – so I grabbed a sandwich at a nearby deli and ate in my car while I waited out a storm/killed time before an appointment.

Bad choice #2. The bread was hard/stale.


Seems crazy that I needed to use the flash to be able to see what I was eating during the middle of the day but it was dark + scary.

I had to run to my car because I was unprepared for the rain – so at least I got my HR up a little today.

I also picked up a ginger cookie – but I ate it sometime during the afternoon when I was talking on the phone (and couldn’t use the camera). Saved the wrapper, though, to input the calories.

SO GOOD. I love those things.

I was on my own for dinner tonight, so it was simple/standard.

Still keeping track of my calories, but not in any sort of militant way – and it’s not impacting my food choices (as evidenced by yesterday’s 900 calorie breakfast). More for observation, I guess, of what I’m eating.