We were sitting on our couch last night watching back to back Season 1 episodes of the The Big C (since we will soon have our channels back and need to catch up) when I saw my life flash before my eyes.

I was likely crying since I think the show is just SAD … and I know we were all involved and focused … when we heard what I thought was a gun shot and/or somebody blowing something up IN OUR APARTMENT.

I panicked – heart racing and everything, the dog jumped up, and Jon laughed because he can apparently determine the cause of such things in the seconds that my mind/body takes to just freak out.

A bottle of home-brewed beer exploded in a closet. Didn’t just break/crack. EXPLODED. We found a piece of glass lodged in the ceiling.

I am really glad Jon was home because I would have never thought to investigate in the closet and would have likely locked myself in a room while calling 911.

He had been storing the beer in the same closet we’ve been storing our winter stuff in – and I don’t know if it was the sadness from the show + the adrenaline/fear or what – but I felt very emotional while we were cleaning everything out and washing all of our winter stuff.

I’m going to miss living in Ann Arbor. I was feeling sad that I’ll likely never need my snow boots again. I hated the dark, dreary winter as it drug on – and I’d likely need SSRIs to get through another one – but it was so much fun, too.

The year flew by. I’ve been wanting to go home so much lately that I haven’t stopped to appreciate how great it’s been to be here.

I think a lot of people thought I was nuts to uproot and move to MI when I could have easily obtained the same degree in Knoxville (though not quite the same, IMO, because of some opportunities that I legitimately wouldn’t have had in TN – but maybe some snobbery has infiltrated since being here, too?).

This wasn’t just about school, though. It has been a fabulous adventure – one I’m SO glad I took the opportunity to experience.

I don’t regret one single thing.

Speaking of The Big C – I probably shouldn’t be watching a show about skin cancer – “dark comedy” or not.

I’m super white – don’t tan – have never been to a tanning bed – would never burn myself on purpose – and am perfectly fine with my skin tone as it is.

Except for my great fear of skin cancer.

I’m thinking now about how often my face burns because sunscreen is generally useless for me … and my neck … and even my feet.

I need some new hats. And shirts with tall collars. And I might switch to pants from now on.


We went out to breakfast again today. This time = Northside Grill.

I ordered a short stack of potato pancakes + 2 scrambled eggs + I ate 3 halves of the sourdough toast that came with Jon’s + I ate one of his sausage links.

FitDay’s estimation (which is likely low) is 871 calories.

This is definitely the reason I attempt to limit restaurants to weekends only.

Jon and I both designated today as a work day, so I ate a simple lunch while getting some stuff done.



I ate a quick dinner, too. Amy’s beans& rice burrito + string cheese + a salad (with some leftover no-peanut sauce on top) that I ended up throwing away because I just couldn’t eat it. Seemed gross for some reason.

We had planned to at least walk, but we ended up working all day. 2 papers to go until I’m FREE.