We woke up just before 6AM today and decided to stay up – so we went to breakfast really early. We intended to beat the crowd that lines up at a nearby restaurant (Angelo’s) – and I was REALLY excited about some toast since I no longer buy bread but make some allowances here and there in restaurants – but they’re apparently closed for the rest of the month or so.

We ended up at Cafe Zola, though, which was fantastic. We’ve been for lunch but never breakfast.

I ordered the Crab Cake Benedict (according to the menu: Crabcake, toasted and buttered Wolferman’s English muffin, one organic egg, topped with crème frâiche, lemon-chive sauce.)

Jon picked Turkish Eggs (according to the menu: Two eggs, oven-baked sunny-side up with sautéed organic spinach and a slice of French feta cheese. Served with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and Mediterranean olives). This was the most gluten-free friendly option – he assumed.

The whole shebang.

Did we eat it all? Of course. We split the side of bacon and I ate his sourdough toast.

We spent the afternoon shopping at Ikea and seeing Horrible Bosses.

He was thrilled with the shopping part.

We ate lunch at home: turkey with salsa on top, string cheese, cherries, pineapple.

Nuts just generally piss me off. An ounce is just a tease.

Jon made dinner – some sort of shrimp lettuce wrap thing that was FABULOUS (found here).

That brown sauce? Almond butter + coconut milk + applesauce + lime + fish sauce + ginger + garlic + hot chili oil.

I wholeheartedly recommend it and hope I don’t wind up eating the rest with a spoon straight from the refrigerator.

I’m a really bad partner as far as the gluten-free situation goes. Jon hasn’t been to his gastro appointment yet, but he made the jump to a paleo(ish) diet (including dairy-free) pretty easily, anyway, and intends to keep on with that. I just … haven’t.

He’s been making some substitutions that I might be able to get on board with. Tonight’s example = granola + fruit with coconut milk (vs. yogurt).

I am going to have a hard time giving up yogurt.

Everything is very roughly estimated – not too bad for a heavier day, though.