I had an 8 hour class today. My last one. Ever. (Hopefully)

Exhaustion is a pretty common theme for me lately – and I swear I wanted nothing more than to sprawl out on the floor/bed/couch and not move for a while when I got home – but I made myself go for a walk to clear my mind and help shake off the tiredness.

We walked to the library where I thought Jon might have to leave me to go get the car because I was seriously SO TIRED, but I drank some water (out of a germ infested water fountain – I was desperate) and felt much better.

Can't wait for the ability to browse for fun. Soon.

The mile and a half home was a breeze.

(I will miss Ann Arbor very much, in general, but I am definitely sad about giving up the easy ability we have to walk to the grocery store and to restaurants and to the library, etc.)

I didn’t eat/drink the whole smoothie that I purchased on yesterday’s walk, so I froze it overnight and ate the rest on today’s walk.

Didn’t count calories today.

I ate 2 fried eggs for breakfast.

Had this for lunch:

And I’m skipping dinner. Just not hungry.

I’ve been having fun with instagram.

Wide awake & bored.

Good life.