I started the termination/relationship ending process with my patients today. Patients I’ve had for the entire year.

I’m emotionally drained tonight.

I came home from work (and from my OWN therapy appointment) and was so tired I wanted to sit in a daze in front of the tv and shut off my brain and eat. I knew some sort of active movement outside would make me feel better – and it did.

It’s astonishing, actually, how much better I feel after doing SOMETHING – even a slow walk.

We stopped halfway for a smoothie, too – instead of cake, which is what I really wanted. But not really.


I counted calories again today.

Had one egg for breakfast because I wanted to “save” calories. Stupid, I know.

I’ve had nothing to pack for lunches this week. I picked this frozen lunch up during our walk last night because I knew I’d otherwise starve today.

I think I’m addicted to yogurt + fruit. This time around it’s peach + strawberries + 1/2 a cup of “my” yogurt.

I talked to Jon as I was driving home tonight and he repeatedly told me that dinner was a “creation” he concocted with stuff that’s been hanging around in the refrigerator/freezer … and that we could go out somewhere if it totally sucked … which he anticipated.

He threw together some leftover/frozen beef + garlic + a lime that was on its way to the trash + a can of tomatoes + some other spices (maybe chili powder and cumin?) + leftover brussel sprouts + he shredded some cheese.

It was EXCELLENT, as always.