I have no idea what happened to this week. I was on a roll with the pictures/daily logging of my food … but I just stopped.

Largely because my apartment is full of people and my meals have been haphazard given my crazy schedule – and because I’ve actually skipped quite a few meals d/t a natural inclination to fast after indulgent weekends/days/whatever.

I’ve been mostly eating the same stuff – except no bread.

That fish & chips meal I ate on Father’s Day? Bad idea.

Jon said, “I knew that was a bad idea” – AS I WAS SITTING ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR thinking I’d be there all night – waiting to die.

I just can’t eat overly greasy stuff like that anymore.

I have just a few pictures – and zero memory of anything else I’ve been doing.

Some random lunch:

Lunch at work the other day (this was it because it was the day after the fish & chips and I was still feeling gross):


(I’ve finally accepted that I can eat plain fage yogurt (total classic, or whatever the full fat version is) if I add a little honey plus lots of blueberries to melt and mix it all up – so I might be giving up the vanilla Brown Cow yogurt I’ve been eating for several years. This really solidifies my notion that I can train myself to like anything. I NEVER intended to switch to unsweetened yogurt. Did it under duress because I was out of “my” yogurt.)

Jon + kids met me on campus to eat lunch with me yesterday. I had spinach + some sort of meat empanadas.

(I did a great job convincing myself that I could eat this since I wasn’t buying a whole loaf of bread or anything.)


(I miss bread.)

The good thing about having an apartment full of teenagers (plus a 21 year old)? They like to cook.

#3 asked to make blackberry cobbler after dinner tonight – so Jon took her to buy the stuff – and she made it. My only contribution was to demand they bring ice cream back, too.


The one (very minor, of course) downside to an apartment full of teenagers? Extremely unflattering facebook pics are showing up and causing me to have to bite my tongue and let them fly out of desire to not promote negative body & appearance talk/behavior.

I’m like the queen of unflattering pics – so I’m not sure why I’m having such a problem with some of what’s being posted – but good lord. I apparently need to do something about my posture.


I have less than 2 months of classes left. I’m moving back to TN in just about 7 or 8 weeks. Plans are actually being made. Seems unbelievable.

I am seriously excited to get back to my “normal” life – one that includes much more exercise/training. I think about it all. the. time.

Jon is planning to go back to CrossFit. I’m still undecided.

I’m stunned that I’ve made it through what has been the most stressful year of my life with zero weight gain – and I’m proud of that since this sort of maintenance is generally pretty hard – but I’m already thinking ahead.

I’m SO ready to have some freedom (time/energy/brain space) to focus more on fitness/health. I miss it.