This weekend has been a whirlwind.

Jon + 3 of his kids arrived yesterday (Saturday) – so we spent a bunch of time showing them around Ann Arbor. I realized at some point that I had forgotten to take pictures of anything but a cupcake. That almost never happens. Too busy having fun, I guess.

Today, they made breakfast for Jon (and me)! A pecan & blueberry pancake, bacon + eggs + OJ + coffee, of course.

We took them into Detroit to show them around and then went across the border and had lunch at a pub – O’Maggio’s Kildare House in Windsor, Ontario (Jon’s choice).

I sent my camera around the table since we all shared.

I ordered fish & chips.

Jon picked the reuben.

Child #3 picked lobster mac & cheese.

Children 1 & 4 both picked shepherd’s pie.

It was all very, very good. Fun time.

We walked around a little after lunch and wound up getting a couple different things from a couple different bakeries.

Skipping dinner tonight. Pretty indulgent day (weekend, really).