I’ve decided that today will be the end of the bread. As crazy as this sounds, I feel guilty every time I eat it.

My sane brain recognizes that it does nothing for me hunger-wise, it’s full of crap, my stomach feels full and bloated after eating it, etc. My crazy brain just wants it/craves it. No real reason.

This is where the intuitive eating thing gets tricky for me. I can go two ways with the “inner body cues” IMO: I can honor the side of me that really doesn’t want to eat things like bread (despite that seeming like diet mentality) or I can honor the side of me that needs to just eat what I crave so that guilt isn’t attached to food.

For now, I need to stop and listen to the nagging feeling that I’m not honoring my body when I eat EVERY SINGLE THING I crave since some of that stuff realistically does nothing positive for me.

I could blow it all off and insinuate that it’s just bread FTLOG… but it’s not just bread. It’s a mindset.

Also, though – it’s definitely not surprising to me that I started craving bread as soon as I learned that I might never eat it again. An argument could be made that deprivation issues might be going on, for sure.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs + toast.

Lunch was a repeat of some other dinner. Leftover tuna on cabbage + cheese/olives/jalapeño toast.

Dinner tonight was simple – and maybe a little strange.

I microwaved a potato and put butter + sour cream + jalapeños + olives + sunflower seeds on it & I ate some turkey pastrami.

PMS at its best. This month appears to be salt + hate the world vs. sugar + weepy.

I ate some yogurt + blueberries + granola + a few squares of melted chocolate a few hours after dinner, too.


He takes full advantage when Jon’s out of town.