I ate another burrito for breakfast (but didn’t take a picture). Jon’s still gone, obv.

Lunch = more leftover chicken w/sundried tomatoes. It’s gone now. Those white chunks? Garlic.

I also packed a quick salad + salsa.

(I pre-cut peppers and cucumbers and things like that – generally as soon as they are purchased.)

Yogurt + blueberries + walnuts + a little bit of granola (that I added when I packed it all vs. packing separately, so it was mushy).

Dinner took 10 minutes.

Salad = spring mix + torn up turkey pastrami + green olives + sunflower seeds + balsamic vinegar (NOT vinaigrette, as I’ve been indicating – it’s just vinegar)

The best part: I made “pimento cheese” with sharp cheddar + a little bit of mayo + chopped up jalapeño + chopped up green olives + the pimentos that came out of the olives. On top of chunks of a new loaf of doughy bread.

I bought some ice cream the other day, so I had one of those + 2 cookies that I thawed from the batch Jon made several weeks ago.

I really like the small containers. This is the best way for me to have ice cream around.

It was good.

Maybe I’ll start jogging again one of these days.