I’ve tried to watch Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition a couple of times now and I think I’m coming to a new realization: I have a major issue with the negative self-talk that happens on these shows – to the point that I’m not willing to watch them anymore.

I quit watching Biggest Loser because I was so bugged by one of the sisters and her constant claims that she was “nothing” or “nobody” or whatever when she was overweight.

Everybody accepting that as truth – REPEATEDLY – irritated the shit out of me. The message that sends to all of the little girls/teens sitting at home watching it who may have not yet realized that their body is something to be ashamed of is just not good, IMO.

I think these shows are perpetuating a major problem. I would never want to invalidate someone’s experience – my issue is that THAT EXPERIENCE SHOULDN’T EXIST in the first place.

I’m not sure that shame is something that should be normalized.

We – as a society – should do better. Should be better.

I just deleted all of the BS from the dvr.

I ate breakfast in the car again.


I was hungry pretty early, but wanted to push my lunch as late as possible – so I ate a few prunes.


Lunch = leftover pork + rice + cheese stuff all mixed up + pickles + yogurt/blueberries.


Jon made dinner for me and refrigerated it prior to leaving town mid-afternoon because he is the best husband ever and knew I’d have 20 minutes to eat between work and school. I microwaved it (chicken w/sundried tomatoes and roasted green beans) + added the jalapeño cheese toast.

I’m home now and hungry, so I’m thinking I might eat some more leftover chicken.

I’m craving meat instead of sugar for the first time maybe EVER.