I ate breakfast in the car this morning. This is likely one of my worst habits for one reason: it makes me grumpy.

I hate hauling all kinds of stuff out the door with me – yet I continually do it.

(The bacon looks weird because Jon microwaved it.)


I woke up craving PB toast + honey. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this before so I have no idea why/how my mind concocted it.

I woke up starving since I had yogurt for dinner last night – so I went with it despite trying to keep that sort of overtly sugary stuff out of breakfast.

Lunch was a pimento cheese sandwich + crunchy peas.

(Well, technically it wasn’t pimento cheese since there were no pimentos. It was made with chopped up jalapeno peppers. My favorite version, for sure. Pimentos seem like a flavorless waste to me.)

Plus a small salad that was spring mix + a few walnuts + balsamic vinaigrette + honey.

I don’t know where this combo came from, either, since it’s not typical for me to want even remotely sweet salads (PROBABLY from the sugar spiral started at breakfast) – but it sounded good – and was good.

I ate a snack on the way to an appointment late this afternoon.

Jon called me while I was driving home and enticed me with the notion that it’s Restaurant Week in Ann Arbor. So – I broke my own rule about eating in restaurants during the week and went to Sabor Latino.



We brought half of it home (and didn’t eat the cake – shouldn’t have accepted it despite it being part of the restaurant week pre-priced situation).