We’ve had the best weekend. Perfect balance of fun + laziness.

We started feeling antsy Friday afternoon – feeling like we needed to get out of the apartment – so we started googling. We thought about going to the UP, but the weather forecast indicated rain – so we wound up heading west.

Our first stop Saturday morning = Lansing.

We walked around for a little while before noticing that streets were being blocked off.

We decided to leave so we wouldn’t get trapped, but I looked around and pretty quickly realized that a pride parade/rally @ the capitol was about to happen – so we stuck around.

I was surprised at the number of aggressive protesters. I haven’t seen screamers and literal bible thumpers at other parades/events (in the south).

I hear that Ann Arbor is a bubble – I guess that’s true?

We’re lucky we have such a good boy. He loved all of the excitement.

We left Lansing mid-afternoon and drove to Grand Rapids for lunch.

I had Carnitas @ Don Julio’s – the first Mexican place we saw. Jon did, too, sort of – he had Chile Verde.

Obv we wiped out some guacamole, too.

After lunch, we drove to Grand Haven. It was cold + windy, but we walked around a little.

After THAT, we drove to Holland and saw signs for Windmill Island Gardens – so we walked some more.

There was some dancing (that I felt really awkward about watching because the girls were obviously nervous/uncomfortable with the tiny audience of 8 or so congregated around them).

And we toured the windmill.

We walked around Holland, too, and ate dinner outside at Curragh Irish Pub. We sat outside and FROZE (it was 58 degrees).

(I will be incredibly irritated if I have to get my coat back out.)

Jon’s testing out the no-beer situation.

He ate a salad – plain/no dressing + no croutons.

I ordered Chicken Rockefeller – chicken breast (breaded, which I didn’t realize would be the case) + spinach + gorgonzola cheese sauce w/boiled red potatoes + veg of the day.

It was all very good but I was extremely anxious to get out of there and get some heat.

We spent the night in Grand Rapids.

(I haven’t used my “big” camera since I moved to MI. I’m starting to feel like my brain has some room for fun stuff, so I’m thinking about taking a class/finally trying to learn how to appropriately use it.)

Today (Sunday), we planned to eat the free breakfast at the hotel – but we’re way too prissy for that lately. We ended up using my yelp app to find some place to go.

This place was fantastic.

I had corned beef hash + eggs + I ate a little of the toast.

Jon had a southwest scramble.

We picked Henry up and drove around downtown Grand Rapids before coming home. Fun trip, for sure.

We ate a quick snack before going grocery shopping once we were home.

The primary reason for the grocery shopping? Gluten-free beer.

I think he likes it. There were 4 different kinds at Whole Foods, so I think this will work out ok.

We also checked out the gluten-free baked goods since I’m planning to do the gluten-free thing with Jon should Celiac become his official diagnosis – but wanted to know what I’m getting myself into since I have cookie/brownie cravings every now and then, no doubt.

Good excuse to buy cookies, anyway. I liked it.

We also happened to stumble upon a sampling person who offered us a sample of granola, so we HAD to buy this, too.

I like it even better than the cookie.

Jon made tuna salad for lunch. I added crunchy peas to the top of mine and ate on the couch in my pajamas.

The rest of the day? Marathon of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and WWII in HD and an hour-long nap.

Had yogurt + blueberries + granola for dinner. On the couch. Still in my pajamas. Watching The Woodsman.

The upcoming week is likely going to suck. For now, though? I’m happy.