I tried to edit my last post for very minor grammar things that were bugging me, but apparently I don’t know what I’m doing – so I think both versions are out there.

I probably shouldn’t type & post something while talking on the phone and then read it again and decide I don’t like some innocuous sentence structure AFTER I’ve published it, I know.

It’s not like the grammar is stellar around here, anyway.

Breakfast today = a little bit of the chicken + artichoke heart thing Jon made yesterday (minus the spinach) + a toasted onion bagel with cream cheese and salsa.

Lunch was a bratwurst + sauerkraut.

Jon made pork chops (breaded with coconut flour & fried in coconut oil) + a baked potato (for me) + roasted broccoli for dinner.

I LOVE roasted broccoli. I can’t believe we steamed it for so long.


We took a short walk this afternoon since I was home + we thought it might rain later. (I wasn’t aware that the Nike+ thing was paused for about 10-15 minutes, though – so it wasn’t quite this short.)

We’re just hanging out together and catching up on tv tonight.

He had a bath today but he still looooves Jon.