I lose my fucking mind every now and then.

That’s the only way I know how to explain why I suddenly decided that I needed cereal + milk last night and then subsequently decided that I needed to stop on the way home from my class to get it.

I ate a huge bowl of cereal pretty late last night/right before bed, but woke up feeling ok – so then rationalized and had this for breakfast (with the idea that I’m tired of eggs):

My stomach hurt the entire way to work and has been rumbling and unsettled ALL DAY.

Definitely no denying that I just can’t do straight up (whole) milk anymore.

My lunch looks disgusting, doesn’t it?

(Some of it is lighting, some of it is the fact that I take all my pictures with my phone these days and some of it is it just flat-out looked bad.)

It smelled awful, too. I should have known better than to take cold/contained/leftover CABBAGE to work. Luckily I ate pretty early so nobody was around the kitchen + I was near a trash can. I totally intended – in my panic – to insinuate blame there if needed.

Tasted good, anyway.

Jon made dinner – a chicken breast + mushrooms + artichoke hearts + capers + spinach.


We went for a walk, as usual.

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was complaining about 20 (or below) degree weather.

Now? A heat advisory.

I’m thinking about starting where I left off on the C25K thing early tomorrow morning. We’ll see, I guess.