I am having a very hard time remaining positive about my classes.

Exactly 2 months to go.

I skipped breakfast this morning because I wasn’t hungry.

I was craving eggs by lunch, though. I toasted an onion bagel, too, and put a little cream cheese on it.

I was having pretty intense sugar cravings just an hour or so later, so I had some yogurt + fruit and I thawed a cookie.

I thought about abstaining and attempting to detox from the weekend – but I wasn’t feeling like dealing with it today. I’m feeling pretty impressed I didn’t thaw the entire container of cookies.

Jon wanted to have something delivered again, but I’m trying to continue to refrain from restaurants during the week – plus I’d had PLENTY of carbs and didn’t want noodles – so he ordered a full meal for himself and I just got egg drop soup.

I made a salad, too.

And stole one of his potstickers.

I’ll likely have a spoonful of peanut butter an hour or so before bed.

We took a short/slow walk with the dog before dinner.

Lots of stretching happening tonight, too. I have been having minor neck + shoulder + upper back pain – likely d/t stress – but it’s reached the point that my upper back is painful to just simply touch.