I am supposed to be writing a paper right now – a paper that’s due first thing Monday morning.

Poor planning on my part, for sure, since I just spent an entire winter on the verge of mental collapse because I was stuck indoors and now SO do not want to deal with this on a beautiful weekend.

So – I’m reading blogs and checking twitter and updating facebook and doing this and paying bills and otherwise doing anything possible to create distraction, of course … and drinking a little sangria.

I just don’t have it in me today. But I HAVE TO FIND IT.

I actually woke up pretty early to try and knock some of it out, but I got 3/4 of ONE page written before Jon got home (from a massage that was incredibly cheap via livingsocial – totally recommend signing up) and tempted me with the sunshine and a list of fun stuff to do.

I had a bean & rice burrito for breakfast since Jon was gone and I was supposedly busy “working.”

Lunch happened at a Greek festival. We saw some signs earlier in the week, so we went.

(On the shuttle.)

I ordered pastitsio (described as “a homemade Greek specialty that features a layer of macaroni, topped by a layer of ground beef and Greek spices, topped with a special mixture of creme and Greek cheeses”). It came with a small salad + peas + rice + bread. I generally wouldn’t have wanted something so heavy so early on a hot day, but I love this.

I skipped the rice + bread because I didn’t want to wind up in a coma.

Jon ordered a chicken kebab dinner.

We also somehow wound up leaving with a variety box of pastries.

I was a little worried that I might break out in hives since that’s happened twice in recent years: once after eating at a Greek place in ATL and once after eating at a Greek place in Germany. So far – nothing.

We went to the DxA2 race expo to pick up our stuff for tomorrow after the festival.

I felt incredibly out of place and awkward.

BUT. I wound up with a new necklace.

Jon made dinner tonight: tacos – the one thing that generally REQUIRES salsa. I forgot.



My morning greeter.