I don’t really know what I do with my time each morning, but it seems like I am completely incapable of making it out the door without a mad rush.

It’s generally ok when Jon’s home because he makes breakfast (and coffee and walks the dog). When he’s not home? I eat frozen (Amy’s brand) bean and rice burritos for breakfast as I drive because that’s all I can find/have time to deal with.


I came pretty close to scrapping the lunch packing and opting for eating out, but I knew we’d likely have dinner out … so I took the time.

It’s rarely as time consuming as I think it will be.

(It would probably be advisable to pack this stuff the night before, I know, but it almost never happens.)

It was a really beautiful day again, so I sat outside.

Leftover salisbury steak all chopped up and cold on top of spinach – with salsa, of course.

Plus yogurt + blueberries + strawberries.

The professor put candy out on the tables in front of us as we arrived this morning. These sat until 1PM when I finally caved and ate one. Then I ate 2 more between 1PM and 4:30PM.

I don’t even LIKE them (though definitely appreciate the effort bc O. M. G. do I not advise back to back 8 hour days of lecture. I’m exhausted.)

Jon met me on campus for dinner, so we walked to Prickly Pear Cafe.

I had a salad that had chicken + dried cranberries + pecans + cheese + honey + some other stuff I’m probably forgetting + a vinaigrette dressing on the side. It was a little sweet for me – I’m not a huge fan of my meal being sweet – but I liked it a lot.

I ate some chips and guacamole, too.

No official exercise. The walk to/from dinner was it. Too tired.