I spent the entire afternoon planning my dinner.

I was tired and somewhat hungry and maybe a little bored even though I was interested in my class.

8 hours of sitting + listening is just a little much.

I often do this – checking out – and it frequently involves food.

This was how I envisioned tonight’s dinner would go:

(Taken on the last trip back to MI from TN.)

I’m sure I could interrupt this sort of daydreaming and train myself to stop, but I’m finding that it doesn’t cause many problems. I rarely ACTUALLY eat what I sit around thinking about these days.

It’s just sort of strange that my mind still goes to fantasizing about food even though I KNOW I likely won’t eat what I’m fantasizing about at that given time.

The strangest part? I know I likely won’t eat whatever it is because I rarely actually WANT it after some real thought. Not on days like today, anyway, when I’m just tired and stressed and feeling antsy.

There are plenty of days that DO include junk for dinner, of course.

My breakfast picture was blurry and ridiculous. It was 2 scrambled eggs, as usual.

I took my lunch outside and sat in the sun. It was nice.

Leftover chicken day #2. I chopped it up this time and put salsa on top. Ate it cold.

I had yogurt + pineapple + blueberries + a few walnuts, too. The blueberries melted, obv, and created the purple looking juice.

The third bowl in the picture = the salsa bowl. I keep it separated.

I came home and heated up leftover Salisbury Steak for dinner – that I topped with salsa. Plus I toasted an onion bagel (that eventually wound up topped with salsa).

I’ll grow weary of the salsa soon enough.


I also finished off the watermelon.


I spent 30 minutes on the bike (inside/stationary) watching tv. I did some stretching, too, since I sat for so long today.

I miss pilates.