I have a feeling this food documenting thing will get pretty boring pretty quickly since I mostly eat the same stuff over and over.

It was a lot more interesting (to me) when I was trying to figure out a new way to eat, trying new things/recipes, etc.

Breakfast = yogurt + thawing blueberries + walnuts (at work).

Lunch (also at work, obv) = leftover chicken + sundried tomatoes + roasted broccoli. I dumped some salsa on it, too, just because. The salad was just about the same as yesterday – spinach, spring mix, carrots, pepper slices, a pickle and salsa. Plus some pineapple chunks.

We took a walk when I got home. It’s BEAUTIFUL here right now.

We detoured through a nature area we happened to find.

I’m not really such a nature area walker d/t some mild paranoia. I almost always get talked into it, though.

Jon made dinner tonight – one of my favorites: Salisbury Steak. I don’t exactly know what he does to these things – haven’t read the recipe – but they’re very good + have spinach in them. Highly recommend.