The weekend of sloth ended today. We actually went somewhere. And didn’t have pajamas on.

Started with a walk to get coffee.

With a detour to get eggs + bacon since we’re trying to stick to the no-restaurant thing during the week and had run out.

Came home and ate.

Then went to the zoo.

We wanted to do something semi-active + outside + scratch something off the “to-do while here” list – so this was it.

Our packed lunch = tuna salad wraps, hummus + carrots, pineapple + a couple of strawberries, a pickle and water, of course.

Jon made the tuna salad with chopped peppers, onion, and a pickle + fennel seeds and mayo. Definitely my favorite combo.

It was simple and surprisingly easy to transport.

I LOVE this water bottle I bought a few days ago. Today was the taste test since we’d been carrying it around for a while in the heat (even though no test was really NEEDED since it IS glass, but whatever). No weird taste at all. I like the rubber thing. I like the lid. Totally worth it.

We had a companion since the people at the table near us had been feeding it pringles. I don’t know if they attack, but I felt like that one might when it realized I didn’t have chips to offer and wasn’t giving up my lunch. It squawked and scared the shit out of me.

Fun afternoon. I wound up with a slight sunburn despite SPF 50, though, which is ridiculous.

Jon made dinner tonight: shrimp stir-fry (no recipe – coconut milk, shrimp, squash, kale, onion, garlic, curry powder). As always – very, very good.


We had to walk to get coffee this morning because our 2 day old $10 coffee pot – that replaced the much nicer but older one that also just broke, obv – refused to work this morning. We took it back to Target this afternoon and found ourselves hemming and hawing about what to do until a woman walked by and offered her opinion that we should buy a Keurig – because she misunderstood that I was MAKING FUN of people (quietly, to Jon) who pay so much for a coffee machine. She offered a bunch of info about where to buy everything (online) and about how she just left her husband and is mad at herself for leaving hers behind, etc.


I hope it’s worth it.

I take a 24oz thermos full of coffee to work/school just about every day so I don’t know how this is going to work out. I’m not really a single cup sort of consumer. I actually lobbied for this:

Also, the little cup things seem wasteful. Also, some quick math tells me that continuing to grind our own beans vs. buying those little cups will be less costly. Also, we both like very strong coffee.

We’ll see.