I’m finding the Nike+ thing to be pretty buggy. We went on a 3.52mi walk the other night and I came home to sync it – or whatever it is that I have to do – and it wouldn’t work. So – I went on a short .89mi walk to see if new data/a second attempt would jump-start the thing so it would sync all history.

Nope. I have the .89, but the 3.52 is lost forever, I guess.

This is a problem for me because I NEED ACCURACY. I will continually be plagued with the notion that all “records” and miles achieved and all of that is INACCURATE. BY 3.52 miles.

Yes, I’m serious.

I often have an issue with the thing syncing appropriately and registering whatever it is that I’ve just done – and I don’t think it’s a user error issue – but it generally comes around eventually.

These walks really aren’t “exercise” and are more fun walks with Jon and the dog – but I’m disappointed.

I had a seriously busy week with stuff going on all day every day – including a day that had 8 hours of work + 4 hours of class that night.

Fortunately, the professor let us vote on what time we want class to begin and end and what we want to accomplish, etc. – which means that the class now ends at 9pm instead of 10pm and that day of the week will suck a little bit less going forward.

Unfortunately, we voted because she has never taught a class before, is not of our field, and seemed very hesitant to want to take even a remotely authoritative stance. I hate that kind of wishy-washy behavior and am pretty sure the people in my class are going to walk all over this woman and cause me to go crazy from a desire that she grow a pair.

All of that to say – no C25K. I’ve likely completely given up again, but I still feel some guilt – so there’s hope that I might get up at the crack of dawn tomorrowish and pick up somewhere near where I left off.

We’ve had a decent weekend – except for this:

We had planned to start each morning with a walk, but it didn’t happen d/t the rain. I really enjoy our time outside away from tv and video games, etc. so I’m disappointed that the weather is so shitty.

We went out to breakfast on Saturday.

Feta + spinach + mushrooms.

My desire – ALWAYS – is to order a full stack of potato pancakes, but I always refrain.

We spent the day checking out towns around us and wound up trying to wait out the rain at a Great Harvest in Northville, MI.

I’m trying to keep my consumption of grains + sugary treats to once per week – outside of the yogurt + fruit I eat almost every day, of course – so yesterday was the day.

Lunch occurred at Chipotle – as had dinner the night before, but at a different location.

I’m likely going to have to put a ban on it. I wind up with a stomachache every. single. time. and I can’t figure out why.

Right now I’m leaning toward thinking it’s the beans – so I might try one more time without beans and see what happens since I don’t want to totally give up a place where I can obtain food with almost zero human contact via an app and curbside service.

We were going to have dinner at home, but we took the dog for a short walk and smelled a grill some neighbor had going on their deck and I told Jon that he HAD to BBQ something for me the next time I’m in Knoxville and he suggested that he’d BBQ ribs and then the next thing I knew we were at a BBQ place we’d driven by earlier in the week.

I ordered brisket + a baked potato + coleslaw + Jon shared his ribs. We likely won’t go back to this place. It was decent enough, I guess – there is just way better brisket/everything to be had elsewhere.

We drove through campus and stopped at a Yogo Bliss so I could get a small peanut butter cup gelato.

Jon is trying to lose some weight he recently gained via his reluctance to give up beer (my opinion) so he just watched me. I think this might have been a bitchy thing for me to do.

Today, we’re back to normal.


The poor dog doesn’t get so excited about the prospect of a walk anymore.

Couldn’t even make it up the stairs. He’s exhausted after our walks in temps above freezing.

He usually rallies, though, and makes it to the top before plopping down with a huff – barely.