My new obsession:

I used to buy plain/salted crunchy ones when we lived near a food co-op that regularly carried them. I LOVE the “seasoned” aspect of these, though.

I compared to one of my other favorite crunchy things (that I haven’t eaten in months because I can’t bring myself to buy them unless I’m in a really bad/indulgent place – I think they’ve become some sort of marker i.e., cheetos = call the crisis line).

I am quite sure I’ll be sticking with the peas despite Jon’s announcement that I shouldn’t be eating sunflower oil.

I’m just not cut out to be a total purist.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about kids + food + education – specifically about feeding small children and about how to make substitutions for things like chips and pudding cups and goldfish crackers and whatever else it is that people feed small kids that I likely wouldn’t regularly purchase.

Imagine my surprise when I spontaneously/accidentally ran across these things when thinking about this stuff:

How have I not known about this? I buy pickles all. the. time.

Seems like something I’d feed a kid but maybe I’m kidding myself? I have no idea if kids eat pickles – or if that sort of thing can be trained.

(Ignoring, of course, the wasteful “portable” nature – it happens, I know, and am no saint.)

Anyway. It’s on my mind a lot lately.

Partially because I am aware of 2 kids – under the age of 5 – who have recently been found to have health issues related to nutrition. High cholesterol and anemia. Neither is overweight or otherwise “unhealthy” or of a socioeconomic status that might suggest malnutrition. I was stunned.

Jon made another really fabulous dinner.

I’ve had pancit many times and was very surprised to hear that’s what we’d be having since A) I had no idea Jon knew what it was and B) it’s NOODLES.

He found an adaptation, though, and seems to be on a quest to make everything featured on that site. No complaints from me.

Still haven’t felt like jogging, but we had a nice walk with the dog. I hope this habit of walking each night after dinner sticks. It’s fun.