As always, I’m having issues about how I want to proceed health-wise.

I spent some time reading through the stuff I’ve written here and noticed a definite trend. Primal/paleoish eating = happy/(mostly) sane/motivated/feel great. Sugar (every day) and other processed + carby stuff = downhill descent to misery.

I know I waffle back and forth. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

I’m too lazy to be fanatical about anything but I’m too concerned about feeling decent to just ignore it.

Jon is here – so I don’t have to worry this week.

Tonight = curried meatballs + roasted broccoli + we split a roasted sweet potato (found here, as always).

(Except ours are a turkey/beef combo because leaner meat = weight loss maintenance for me.)

I’m not back on the C25K bandwagon yet. Tomorrow, hopefully.

It was a GORGEOUS day – just walked the dog, though.

I love this time of year.

I’m seriously stunned that this place can go from dreary hell to vibrant color in about a week, though.


I took some pictures today to compare to some of the progress pictures I’ve taken along the way. I haven’t gained any weight, but I feel differently. My clothes fit differently.

The lack of hard-core regular exercise has made an undeniable difference.

I wound up taking some ever-classy bathroom shots while waiting for Jon to finish his grocery list.


(This was surprisingly, by far, the least deletable whole-body one taken by Jon. I don’t know.)

16 pounds ago! I see marginal (if any) difference.

I really don’t think my diet is going to matter one way or another at this point. I miss the body I had/was getting when exercise was a large focus.

Some days I don’t care. Others I’m left wondering WTF HAPPENED TO MY MOTIVATION?