I had to go back and read what I last wrote here because I had no idea. In essence – I was sick, it was snowing, it was the last week(ish) of my semester and I was preparing to go back to Knoxville for a week (meaning I was frantically tying things up so I could get out of here).

We actually ended up staying in MI a day longer than planned because I was so sick I didn’t think I was up for driving 7 hours (we went down in separate cars because Jon stayed).

So. That all sucked.

To recap, though, I left this:

And arrived in Knoxville to this:

Pulling into my neighborhood felt like driving through a jungle after months of living with snow + brown + dead stuff.

The week at home was FABULOUS. Much needed.

We (well, I) had a huge to-do list re: house stuff – both inside and out.

The place was a huge neglected mess when we bought it but it’s getting a little better each year.

The most improved? The small pond.

This is what it looked like in 2007 when we bought the house:

Before - Pond

Before - Pond

This is what it looked like last week on pond clean-out day (after much neglect all winter/early spring):

I didn’t take any after pictures, but it’s clean and mulched and all that.

The whole process is fairly disgusting so I don’t participate.

I initially wanted to fill it in – Jon didn’t – and I’m glad. He deals with it each year and it’s slowly turning out pretty decently.

We did a bunch of other house stuff – including painting the attic/junk room/soon-to-be office and getting it ready for carpet installation.

I ended up with a sunburn and sore hamstrings and feelings of embarrassment after the 15th trip to Home Depot.

We had some bad storms/tornadoes that left us without power for 2 and a 1/2 days.

I was surprisingly ok with that.

We almost checked into a hotel – but I sort of enjoyed being completely disconnected for a few days.

Minus the cold shower and emptying of the fridge+freezer parts.

(Well, mostly disconnected. I had internet access via my phone – but it had to be charged in the car – which proved to be a major irritant.)

Huge trees were knocked down all over our neighborhood and we spent some time freaking out in the basement and we had some hail – but no damage whatsoever.

We were very lucky.

What else?

My mom came to visit so we took her to the Dogwood Arts parade.

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling represented with a rolling wrestling ring.

I was so happy to be home in the land of friendly people + sunshine that I couldn’t even find it in myself to produce some sarcasm over this.

We took my mom to the roller derby one night, too, which was fun.

I went out to dinner + saw Water for Elephants with friends. I had not read the book so wasn’t prepared for the violence. I don’t watch violence – at all – so I left with a stomachache. Good movie, though.

We hung out with Jon’s kids and celebrated his #3’s 18th birthday.


I got back to MI this Monday night and went back to work Tuesday morning – and haven’t done a damn thing but come home each night and hang out on the couch.

I’m depressed and homesick and I miss Jon and the sun and my TN life and I’m just wallowing in misery.

I forced myself to at least walk this morning in an effort to improve my mood.

But I’m not in the best place – mentally – and am feeling pretty discouraged that I can fucking walk as fast as I “jog” – so I’m not sure about the 5k next month. I might just walk it and be done with the whole thing.

I weighed this morning – same as always.

I’m thinking about going back to my trainer when I move back to Knoxville. Or CrossFit. Something.