Well, no jogging/walking today.


I seriously can’t believe this.

I could have tried later in the day as the sidewalks cleared, but I feel awful.

I woke up yesterday with the distinct feeling that I was likely on the way to being sick, but I thought it was all related to the stomachache that was likely a result of sugar/heavy stuff on Saturday – even though I’m not sure NOW how I rationalized a sore throat in this way – so I tried to have a normal day.

I knew I was in trouble when I almost fell asleep at the Rush concert despite the noise + lights.

I slept in the car the whole way home.

My lack of awareness about my physical health is pretty astounding given how much I dwell about mental stuff. I likely had no business whatsoever trying to jog yesterday morning in windy/cold/snowy weather.

Today, I stayed in bed until I had to get up and go to a mid-day class, but I skipped my last class of the day because I thought my head might explode.

Jon very kindly rescued me from school and stopped at Zoup – a place I’d never heard of before moving here and had never tried – because I wanted soup but didn’t want to buy a bunch of stuff (for Jon) to make it because we’re leaving town soon … and I didn’t want canned stuff.

I got chicken pot pie.

Came with bread.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m sick or what – but the salt was too much for me. It burned my throat. I couldn’t finish it.

I might just be spoiled. Jon makes real chicken pot pie that a place like that can’t really compete with.

So – I’m chugging green tea and hoping this BS doesn’t last long since I have big plans for my time in TN later this week/next week.

We stopped the other day and bought some tea from the Ethiopian restaurant – so I’m drinking that, too.

I love it very much. Jon thinks they’ve just bottled potpourri.