I’m not having such a great morning.

I tried to do D2 of W4 of the C25K situation, but I bailed (well, stopped jogging and walked home) halfway through.

My stomach was killing me, it was freezing, it was extremely/pushing-me-back windy … and it started fucking SNOWING. Lightly, but GD. Ridiculous.

Edited to add: Wind advisory in effect, with gusts up to 45 mph possible; Monday, watch for an inch of snow

I really want to be able to do this, so I’m not willing to make myself miserable to the point that I eventually start dreading it. I often complain because it’s hard, but there’s always an element of desire to push through. Today? No desire whatsoever. It was bad.

I’m planning to do this (D2) over again tomorrow.

My stomach was likely hurting because I ate a ton of sugar/carbs yesterday (Saturday). Was it worth the stomachache and the screwing up of my day of jogging? Maybe.

We had the best day.

Jon and I are divided re: our favorite breakfast place in Ann Arbor, so we went to his this time: The Broken Egg.

I don’t think I’ve ever ordered french toast at a restaurant before – and I have no idea what possessed me – but I did it.

Cherry-walnut french toast with caramel sauce and caramelized pecans, minus the whipped cream because I can’t do the stuff in the can and assumed that’s what I’d get.

I ate two and was sugared out.

After that, we decided to spend the day across the border in Windsor since neither of us had been there.

It rained off and on all morning, but we had an umbrella – so we walked along the river and checked out a sculpture park that the tourist info woman told us about when we stopped to get a map.

Jon had read about a Hiram Walker Brand Center/Canadian Club Whisky tour, so we did that.

I expected a distillery tour, but it was actually a tour of the world headquarters of Canadian Club – built in 1894 by Hiram Walker – led by a historian.

Definite highlight of the day.

The building was gorgeous, the history interesting and we were the only two people on the earliest tour.

Jon got to sit in Al Capone’s chair.

I am NOT a whiskey drinker, but I was so caught up in the history and the stories about rum-runners and tunnels under the river and ghosts and bullet holes in the walls that I participated in the tasting.

Still not a whiskey drinker.

The woman at the tourist/info center had also recommended the “EYE-talian area” – so that’s where we went after the tour since we were both starving.

I had some sort of rigatoni – it had zucchini, olives, sundried tomatoes, capers, onions, bacon, blue cheese and lots of olive oil. I’m hoping Jon will try to replicate this minus the noodles – they weren’t necessary. It would be really good with asparagus.

Jon had shrimp + asparagus.

Then, we went in search of dessert since I’d seen some bakeries.

I could spend all day in a place like this, but Jon informed me he was about to have a breakdown (meaning he was trying to refrain from buying one of everything) – so I picked out a couple of things for us to share.

Raspberry Rum Cake

(In the car since it was raining/cold/inconvenient to sit outside.)

No idea about this one, but it seemed to be filled with ricotta and tasted lemonish. I LOVED IT.

We ate some of each and threw away what wasn’t eaten.

There was a time in my life that I could’ve eaten BOTH (without sharing) with no problem. Now? I taste stuff, enjoy what I want and don’t feel compelled to eat it just because I have it.

So strange.

We eventually went home and succumbed to the desire to eat more – so Jon made nachos.


Up today – Jon’s going to his book club + we have tickets to see Rush tonight in Detroit.

I have a feeling I won’t feel like jogging tomorrow morning, either. Going to have to do something about my priorities.