Preface: I am a complainer. Will always be a complainer. Don’t do well with positive encouraging motivation. Feel grumpy when I’m exercising. Couldn’t ever really get on board with the this-is-so-fabulous-we-all-love-being-here-it’s-the-best-thing-ever attitude at CrossFit. Will probably never jog with a smile on my face.

I’m ok with that. The I-can-do-this rebellion in the face of my own I-can’t-do-this chant is what gets me through.

Interesting thing: I woke up Friday morning and was seriously disappointed when I heard rain.

I contemplated doing my jogging/walking thing IN. THE. RAIN.

Turns out I suddenly REALLY like it. Even though I hate it.

We were planning to have a relaxed/leisurely Saturday morning that included a walk to breakfast – at most – since Jon had been gone/traveling/extremely busy for the previous 7 days. I woke up feeling like I wanted to get the jogging/walking thing knocked out, though, since it wasn’t raining – so I altered our plans.

It was a dreary/cold morning, but I recorded a personal best (according to the Nike+ thing). I’m slowly improving.


Jon’s only requirement was that we alter my usual route so we’d wind up at a coffee place at the end. My only requirement was that he not say anything to me/try to help me/be encouraging.


We took our time walking home.

It was fun.

The breakfast place was packed by the time we made it there, so we shopped a little at a thrift store while we waited.


Mine = spinach, feta and onions.


And this, of course.


Jon’s = this.

We wound up at a mall – where a woman gave me a sample …


… that turned into a small purchase.


I am such a sucker.

The rest of the day was spent skipping lunch, taking a nap, eating dinner at the Ethiopian place because I seriously love it and seeing Jane Eyre – which I also loved and thought was well done.


Fun day.

I’ve been weighing myself the past few days to see what’s happening. 181.5 every day. No fluctuation at all.

I had been as low as 178, but have generally hovered between 182 and 184 for months (and most of 2010) – so I’m ok with it.

I know I could cut out the sugar on the weekends … and could cut out some of the restaurants, in general … and could exercise a little more (because I’m rarely doing anything but the bike on days that I’m not jogging) … but I don’t really have a desire to make myself crazy over any of that right now.

I’m good. Until I’m done with classes, at least.

My sweet/tolerant/freakishly well-behaved boy turns 5 in a few days, so I just spent way too much time looking at the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken – craziness I go through every year – instead of locking myself in a room and focusing on the stuff that has to be written and submitted in less than 24 hours lest I FAIL.

Henry & Jon


I am going to have to have a puppy again one of these days.