I was doing a damn good job of talking myself out of doing this today. I squeezed it in to burn off some nervous energy (debateish thing this afternoon – me vs. 2), though, and because I didn’t do it yesterday – which threw me off track.

Today was D3 of W2 when I should be starting W3. It’ll all work out.

My side hurt with every step so I consciously slowed down and decided today would just be an off day … even thought about just walking the whole thing.

Everything was wet (and slippery in some places) from rain.

I ate breakfast prior – BAD IDEA. I know I can’t do anything with food in my stomach, but 2 HOURS should be enough time. I guess not.

I felt defeated throughout the whole thing. I kept thinking there’s no way I can do this. Maybe people who run have a different personality? Or are crazy? Or maybe I’M crazy? Or maybe I’m too out of shape? Or maybe I just suck?

I pushed through, though, and somehow managed to have a (marginally, but still) faster pace overall.

No idea how I managed that.

It’s amazing what a 30 degree temp improvement will do. Going to have to learn to dress for warmer weather.