I woke up this morning with motivation to get Week 1 (of C25K) finished, so I did.

(I’m keeping track of the weather to determine if it might have some impact. No reason – just curious.)

I started out feeling like my calves were tight and my shins were hurting and my stomach was unsettled from some pretty indulgent meals yesterday – and while I certainly didn’t set any records – I survived.

I feel SO GOOD. Like I can do it. Life. School. Everything.

I just can’t stop pushing myself. Ever. I don’t know exactly what happens in my brain, but it’s powerful.

We’ve had a fantastic weekend.

Jon’s mom came into town Thursday afternoon – great excuse to go to all of our favorite restaurants.

I had a class to go to that night, so she and Jon went to a couple of breweries and did some tasting (and eating) until I was finished.

I met up with them at Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery – where it’s apparently Bourbon Month – so they moved on to Bourbon while I ate.

The highlight of Friday was The Blue Nile. We loved it last time and loved it this time.

We ordered the feast this time around – plus a couple of desserts to share.

I think this might be my favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor.

Jon is not so much a fan of having his picture taken despite having a mom and wife who do a lot of it.

Begrudgingly accepting her picture request.

Little more accepting.

Totally fake.

Poking him.


Saturday, we went into Detroit and went to the Eastern Market + some of the nearby shops.

I had never had a Hot Cross Bun, so we bought one to share. The person didn’t package it well – the icing/cross (best part) came off.

We bought some asparagus and squash and all that, too, but a woman at a cupcake booth engaged me and offered a free WHOLE cupcake to try. Who turns down something like that?

I had to borrow cash from Jon’s mom to buy a couple to take home. HAD TO.

Smart woman.

I can’t remember what she called them, but she told us that they’re supposed to be eaten upside down.

Here’s why:

They were likely some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Bonus points for being smallish.

We went to Raja Rani (in Ann Arbor) to eat lunch before taking Jon’s mom to the airport late Saturday afternoon.

And then sat around in a food coma the rest of the day.

Today (Sunday) has been a day of doing relatively little, too. We ate a typical breakfast after the C25K jogging/walking.

We ran a few errands and stopped at a create-your-own stir-fry restaurant for lunch: Flat Top Grill. We had no idea what it was when we went in.  I was surprised and initially a little put off because I am LAZY.  Having to go up and pick everything out/create it myself seemed like a hassle.

I know.  Ridiculous.

We both chose to skip rice or noodles. Mine had spinach, carrots, mushrooms, green onions, regular white onions, black beans, edamame and squash. I put a scoop of black bean/garlic sauce and a scoop of garlic. Protein = chicken.



Dinner was oatmeal + rye toast (while we watched the original Arthur) because I wanted something bland.


I wish I had another one of those cupcakes.